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BLUE CRAB MEAT: Original and delicious blue crab meat, quite popular not only in the USA but among all seafood lovers. There are many companies that sell crab meat but ours has something special, holding the patent in Greece. The blue crab meat is row when packed and frozen, without being reinforced by additives. Due to the fact that the product is frozen row, the blue crab meat retains all the nutritious substances and the unique crab aroma, like tasting the gravy immediately from the crab. All the small bones are extracted by the meat beforehand, so the consumer can eat the product immediately. Our blue crab meat is totally different with the famous surimi that has nothing to do with original blue crab meat that we sell. The packages are available in vacuum form up to 1kg per package. The products last for 24 months frozen and it just has to be defrosted (either naturally or in the microwave) and consumed immediately even without cooking!





Our mussels are the best you could find from a Greek origin for many reasons. Firstly, they are produced in hanging aquacultures, meaning that they are produced in ropes, hanging vertically in the sea, linked with one another, forming rows of 100metres. Our mussels have are to reach in size 8-9 cm in a nine-month period. This type of aquaculture gives us the benefit of not only trading the mussels as they are but also trade in entire rows of mussel aquaculture for buyers that want to keep them and explore them as theirs. Also the method of hanging aquaculture reassures that no sand can be found in the mussels.

The mussels that we produce are the Mytilus Galloprovincialis, whose appearance is quite similar to the type produced in the North Sea. The percentage of meat in this mussel ranges from +20% up to 32%, presenting a healthy and homogenous color.

As they grow fast, the mussels are sold all year round, being no more than one year old, so their shell is always clean with no stains, making them perfect to be served.



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