by Lorenzo Siena Fragrances

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Palio at the top of your Pallet”

Palio is a fragrance full of masculinity, creating emotions, filled the glory of the male winner. The rich woody fragrance takes one in its tender yet confident arms and immediately one can feel something truly eternal and yet very familiar in its intricate bouquet.


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The composition remains genuine until its final note, yet it instantly catches your attention with originality and the balanced sensations of its notes, which together make up a classic bouquet of an admirable typical male sensuality.


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This cologne combines only pure natural fragrances such as sparkling citrus with ivy greens and cool mint leaf. A touch of iced lavender, jasmine with a hint of sandalwood, patchouli with other precious oils has also been added to this. Its bottle dispenses a heady mix of warm masculine precious oils that nobody can resist to.
It is a genuine product and no artificial colors or dyes have been used in this product.


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Some words from the Royal Trade Enterprises family:

"Palio", by Lorenzo Siena, our first fragrance endorsement, comes directly from Italian "victories" to the global male "winners". It is a uniquely different scent which has instantly captured the men's fragrance market. It is our honor to endorse this qualitative cologne and we urge you all to trust us and try it. You can’t compare Palio to any other fragrance on the market as we are sure that this powerful scent will intrigue you to capture the masculine feeling and live in it forever”


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