FYSIS Organic Herbs

From the best of nature’s gifts in Greece, to you!

FYSIS is an organic brand of premium quality Greek herbs, obtained directly from the fertile soils of Greece. We couple the traditional benefits of herbs with a modern scientific approach, curating organic products that are intended to enhance your wellbeing.




Salvia triloba L.

Bursting with blue and purple flowers, Sage is an herb that’s native to Greece and the Mediterranean. Being a vigorous plant, it has naturalized in many parts of the globe. However, the sweet soil and rich heritage of Ancient Olympia, add a unique flavor to FYSIS organic Sage.



Thymus vulgaris L.

One of the oldest herbs in the world, Thyme is an integral part of the Greek land and tradition. Growing in the barren Aegean islands as well as the mountains of Olympus, it draws up nourishment from the soil and sun of the Greek climate. Through the age old soil, you can almost taste the flavors of Ancient Olympia.



Rosmarinus officinalis L.

Native to Greece and the Mediterranean, Rosemary is an herb that expresses a dense spicy flavor, featuring subtle notes of bitter. An element indicative of the unique value of Rosemary is that its flowers are a first-rate choice even for bees, as it gives a very nice flavor to honey. FYSIS collects this unique organic herb offering a distinctive piquant flavor and delicious aroma, dries it in the traditional way, and delivers it directly to your kitchen.



Satureja thymbra L.

Related to Rosemary and Oregano as well as bearing a resemblance to Thyme, Savory is an herb that is used to flavor food in many cuisines. Featuring a spicy flavor and a unique aroma, Savory is favored for enchasing recipes including mainly meat.



Origanum vulgare ssp. Hirtum

An herb is as good as the soil it grows. FYSIS organic Oregano is collected from the sacred and blessed land of Ancient Olympia. Intensely aromatic, FYSIS Oregano practically overflows with an abundance of essential oil since it is superbly nourished by Greece’s ideal climate and soil conditions. Now the rich and vibrant flavor of Greek grown Oregano can be enjoyed at your leisure in the comfort of your own kitchen.



Aloysia triphylla (L’Her.)

The intense fragrance of lemon fills your home with delight. Τhe sweet and citrusy flavor of Lemon Verbena thrives in the Greek soil and climate. FYSIS brings one of the treasures of Ancient Olympia to your kitchen with its organic Lemon Verbena.



Melissa officinalis L.

Lemon Balm matches the uniqueness of Greek cuisine, by delighting your taste buds. Enjoy the sweet and citrusy flavor of this exceptional herb by adding FYSIS Lemon Balm to your dishes.



Laurus nobillis L.

Taste the flavor treasured by the Greek gods residing on Mount Olympus when you cook with FYSIS organic Bay Laurel. Slightly bitter, this herb has been prized by humanity for centuries on its many different uses.

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